National Novel Writing Month couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time. That’s why I’m so gosh-darned late with updates, both about books and about food. (Not to mention the state of the planet, LGBTQ issues, libraries, and whatever else I feel like generating.)

However, I’ve been spiritually defeated. By a condo. A condo has defeated my soul, and we haven’t even signed a purchase and sale agreement yet. The process for buying this thing is so tense, so expensive, so incredibly baroque and intricate while simultaneously requiring the barrelling forward momentum of a screaming roller coaster, that I am simply counting every word that I put down this month as part of my “novel.” Social media posts, for example. Goodreads reviews. My actual project, which is a cathartic, gory, and never-to-be-seen writing exercise where all federal politicians spontaneously become serial killers. All Book Riot posts. Any and all work that I do for other clients. And, obviously, blog posts.

It’s not a bad idea to make this part of the challenge. I can call it NaNoBlogMo and update every day for the rest of this month. I’ve had a few ideas that I want to try anyway, including book and movie reviews, thoughts on Grammarly’s tone editor (which can go to hell, by the way,) comments on whether I think the U.N. climate meeting got moved because the big men who run this planet were scared of Greta Thunberg, and various bits and pieces of short fiction. It’s my blog, baby! I may not be a particularly famous author yet, but until I am, I’ll dress for the job I want.

So happy NaNo! Happy writing challenge! If you want to buddy me on the brand-spankin’-new, almost-works-too website, I’m absurd_digital, the original tornado of bees. Let’s make friends. It’s gonna be a long month.

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