We’re Moving!

I’m not likely to be very interesting this week. My wife and I have bought a condo and we are moving. So far, we have successfully moved half of our books before managing to move a single bookcase into our new home. (LESSON: move the bookcases first!)

Anyway, all of my writing is way, way behind and I’m not ashamed of that fact because hey guys, we’re homeowners now! Homeowners gotta do as homeowners gotta do.

My extreme house pride makes me think of the main character and narrator from House of Houses, a criminally underrated bizarro book that also happens to make an amazing statement about the commodification of the self under capitalism. It’s also about a man who falls amorously in love with his single-family home right before houses gain metaphysical dominance over humanity, but I digress.

That’s the only rec you’re getting for a few days. Be well, read lots.


Featured image by Erda Estremera on Unsplash!